Custom Homes From a Preferred Home Contractor & Builder Based in Cape Coral, FL

Our custom home builder software gives you complete control

Too often, working with a custom home builder means confusion, miscommunication and disappointment. Don Salyers Masonry & General Contractors LLC is different. By using Co-Construct software, we avoid all of these common problems. Co-Construct gives you the ability to select materials and different specifications of your project with complete transparency. With your selection, you can track the progress of your project wherever you may be.

Co-Construct is a web-based construction platform you can use to select your home's materials and see instant pricing updates. You can view all of the details of your home construction project at any time. No more strings of emails and no more accidental overspending.

Work with a custom home builder in Cape Coral, Florida who makes clear communication a priority. Call 239-888-2186 now to learn more.

Our custom homes stand strong against hurricanes

Our custom homes stand strong against hurricanes

As a Florida homeowner, one of your biggest concerns is hurricane damage. Don Salyers Masonry & General Contractors specializes in building hurricane-resistant custom homes in the Cape Coral, FL area. We also:

  • Create new architectural drawings for each home
  • Handle all licensing and permits
  • Use interactive, online software
Choose a custom home builder who can engineer your new home to resist hurricane damage. Learn more about our custom homes today, or request a personalized quote by calling 239-888-2186.